by M.A.R.V.

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Christ All Day Everyday ( FRee Mixtape or donation)


released September 10, 2011



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M.A.R.V. New Jersey

I only have one thing that I'm concerned about. My life doesn't matter to me. All I want to do is finish my part of the unfinished work of Christ.

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Track Name: M.A.R.V. - Ima Give it (Prod. by MJS)
M.A.R.V. - Ima give it


See I waisted all my life now I
Now I have to give it back to you
Ima give it x8

How I waisted all my time now I
Now I need to give it all to you
Ima give it x8

[verse 1]
It was 1992 when i was juss born
life was destined to fail cuz I was so torn
torn away from the Father I was lukewarm
I aint no any better that was juss the norm

But i was trapped sin
Yo i couldnt win, I needed to be born again
Tryna play church and living right It wouldnt blend
I didnt know Jesus as my friend
better yet He didnt know me back then
I was 9 yrs old when i got baptize
but i couldnt see the son i had blind eyes
It took me 18yrs to get it right
but now im going hard for my God with all my might
Give it all we got we on a fast break
I made my mistakes n ima appreciate
My world you can take cuz Ima be what you make
and Im not gonna be a fake
and if i go astray Lord you know who to break


[2nd Verse]
I was all about religion no relationship
look at a sinner and me couldnt even tell the difference
cuz I was sinning like the best of um
looking like the rest of them um
I pose to be the one looking like the Son
Man i was so dumb look at where i came from
Never going back to that sinful life I am so done
It was fun not having fun not knowing my destination
heaven or hell always had me on the run
I was sitting here searching I no knowing what to find
claiming salvation when i aint even touch the line
But God step in and said your soul is mine
Couldnt even say no i was like fine
Christ showed I could rap i took it as a sign
Christ is always on my mind
So im not waisting anymore time
Ima give it all to you every second every beat every minute every rhyme

Stop waisting yo life
Give it all to Christ
you will never be happy you will never be right
your consumed in darkness you dont understand light
and i promise you im leaving without a fight
cuz your means more to me than a price
on an album sale or my fan page your more than a "like"
Forget what you heard please dont be disturb
listen to the utter isolation of God's Word
God gave Jesus gave what you gonna give
His son His life juss so you can live
you gotta be willing to give it all to be saved
its all up to you now your debt Jesus been paid
cuz It's all or nothun with God gotta give it up
what your realy holding unto isnt much
forsake it all leave leave it all its a must
its only way to truly follow Christ its called trust
Track Name: M.A.R.V. - Oh No They Didnt (Prod. By Mysto & Pizzi)
oh no they didnt
they bout to loose they mind
if they thinking they can stop us yo they waisting they time
oh no they didnt
they bout to loose they mind
if they think they can push God out our lives

Ok first thing first im bout my father business
Turning these doubters into believers beleive it
Thinking that you can take shots at my God for no reason
We are in a war with armor read Ephesians
If we are in war somebody will get defeated
Revelation 20 we won go read it
You think bcuz you dont believe your not gonna wont see Him
Its juss a matter a of time till you gonna need Him

Oh no they didnt ya boy aint religious
Its all bout relationship u sound so delirious
Jesus coming back and in that day will be furious
So i hope u ready its time cuz to get serious
So since ya boy churchy your boy is lame
You do thing one everyday we one in the same
See I worhsip God you worship yourself
I pratice holiness and you pratice sex pride and wealth
So we not different its juss how we do
we on a narrow path following God not you
Im not tryna rap to ya im juss tryna preach to ya
with the gospel in the music thats how we gonna reach ya
Kingdom Movement taking over Yo this the anthem
We aint stopping till the whole world heres about Him

116 come on cant you hear your conscience
What is with this implied "christianity" nonsense
If your works dont show homie you an actor
You a rapper who is christian not christain rapper
If your gonna rep Christ yo you gotta stand firm
We need soldiers who are real and has a backbone
The world needs real not some silicone
We the only hope they got untill we gone
Then when Jesus comes they'll be all alone
We need to point them to the cross untill we go home
There's no point in making music, if Jesus aint on
not doing great works we juss making good songs
but you can take wrong but I doubt I am
if Chirst #1 why dont you understand x2
Track Name: M.A.R.V. - Prayer For You
Why do you treat Him like that cant you cant see that He loves you
Why do hate hate him so much cant you see what He did for you

Why you gonna treat Him like that
It shows that you dont love Him
He said if you love me keep my commandments
but you do none of um

All He wants for you to live for Him
He died for now stop the sin
Go chase Him is that really hard to do
Cuz u sining all you want jus cuz He gone forgive you
Come on, dont you know He died for you
Like is God really real to you
You sinning all the time dont you see that He hurt
How you gonna treat someone like that
When they done loved you first

Why gotta treat like that
Its juss a fact if there was love it would of match
This not me He said that (John 14:21)
so ima ask you one more time where your at x3
Love moves love works love does love act
He God He loves you He deserves more than that
You gotta deny yourself die to your self
and Go follow Him

Makes no sense why you hate Him so much
Like what He ever do to you
All He ever did was show you love
but lets's see what you really do

You broke His law he spaired your life
You broke His law He saved you again
And you sin He died for your sin
You sin you sin He forgives you again

If thats not love then idk what love is
Here an adoption become one of His kids
without Christ you will never know how to live
He changed my life look what He did
He can change you I truly believe
If you dont beleieve me try it out and see
Go read a chapter 2 or 3
of the Gospel John Now what do you see?

see life is a vapor it not here to stay
it appears for a while then vanishes away
see life is not a game and it wasnt ment to play
You only get one chance and there is no replay

Dont waiste it life is nothun compared to eternity
Yall living juss to die How fun could that be
Until you come to Him you can never live fully
John 3:16 Jesus died for you and me

Look at what He did
Become one of His kids
Hes the only way
Its the only way to live
Track Name: M.A.R.V. - Christful
I juss wanna live for Him
I dont wanna life of sin
Lord take control show me how to live

We gonna live thats Christful

Its all bout Him
Its not about me
Ima follow you die to flesh daily

We gonna live thats Christful

We live that glofying and pleasing to Father
If its not bout Him we dont even bother
see we dont wanna waiste our life and time on silly things
Cuz Jesus is coming back ond day He will reign
And He come grab us and take us up in the sky
While we singing hallelujah see you sucker goodbye
To the world we dont want what you have to offer
We got all we need in Christ so We gotta go harder

Its not about me its all about Him
Less self more Christ
Deny yourself so you can follow Him
Yea we God fearing obedeient
The only way to show love is by living it
Not by word of mouth by actions
We may have a script but we aint acting
What you say we lacking man Christ is our captain
Hes our joy peace and love Hes our satifaction

Not my will but yours be done I'm in submission
Picking up my cross and following you no self ambition
Spreading the word while showing love thats my mission
Christ all day everyday thats how we living
we gotta be Christful make it a commandment
If we Repping Christ there gotta be a resemblance
You cant claim to be on the family tree
Without no Mark 8:34 Go Read and See