M​.​A​.​R​.​V. - Do It Over (Prod. by Loop Genius)

by M.A.R.V.

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You can’t do it over you can’t do it again
Cause life is not a game it’s a gift from Him
So whatcha need to do is go head repent
Cause you need to make right b4 your life end

You can’t do it over X3
Because it’s over when it’s over
You can’t do it over X3
Because it’s over when it’s over

Ok imp back I’m up on my grizzzy I’m back on my grind
I aint living for myself that mean I can’t be wasting time
Putting truth behind these lyrics there’s a meaning behind every rhyme
So dj turn me I got message I aint tryna hide

Wathca you know about that God serve
He shouldn’t me what I deserve
He took it upon to give me life that is so obscured
So now we on the message board tweeting bout it everyday
Put it as status you can see this is what I pray

Now we do it big cause we saved by the cross
AY, now we go and dig because we care for the lost
Stuck up in that coffin six under now defrost
Cause Jesus turn that light on heated like Tabasco sauce, uh

There’s only one shot homie you can’t do it over
Aint no instant replay you its over when it’s over

what i know want for you to know before this song end
is you cant do it over so go head and repent

aint no take 2 this real life we aint acting
only one shot aint no 2nd chance baskets
if you waiste your life and dont choose Christ you wont be laughing
an enterny in hell aint souding good cuz GOd wrath is
forever it never seems to ceased yo it aint pretty uncle freddy feet

only God can judge me so how you plan to beat the case
if try to justify you aint looking for his grace
dont try to run from cuz u in the wrong race
if you make a 180 God can use like a plate

now im not talking frosted flakes but he can make your life great
when you choose to live for him you make that the great escape
doomsday is on the rise since we the planet of the apes
see no more discombobulated time is now for the great awake
but you gotta do it now aint time to hesistate
Tomorrow you can’t afford salvation is today ay ay


released March 1, 2012
(Prod. by Loop Genius)




M.A.R.V. New Jersey

I only have one thing that I'm concerned about. My life doesn't matter to me. All I want to do is finish my part of the unfinished work of Christ. www.facebook.com/marv100

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